The unique technology developed at Darwin Pricing enables you to compete on your online store at local market prices, all over the world. How does it work?

Every single customer gets a personalized discount offer depending on his physical location as he browses your online store. We target higher discount offers at cities where local retailers are selling at lower prices than you, as well as at areas where the economical situation is most difficult. On the contrary, visitors from low-competition, high-income areas won't get any discount offer.

This winning strategy enables you to enter highly competitive markets with targeted discounts and grow your revenue, while you improve your profit margins in the high-end market segments.

Our technology is partly based on the monitoring of local competitor prices, using publicly available economical indicators and consumer price indices. But most importantly, our plug-in gathers and analyses demographical and behavioural data on your own online store. This data is only available to you and is your most valuable asset to implement an effective geo-pricing strategy.

Darwin Pricing measures scientifically the impact of different discount offers on customer behavior on your online store – on your conversion rate, your revenue, and ultimately your net profits. Based on this data, we determine the optimal discount offer for you to make in every single city to generate the highest profits.

Whenever local competitors change their retail prices, we see a change in the behavior of local customers and adjust discount offers accordingly. We do not simply copy local retail prices, we actively observe how customer behavior evolves on your online store, and always take action timely and profit-wise. We will never get into catastrophic price wars with local retailers, growing your profits in a sustainable way is our highest concern.

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